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    Post Raiding and Consumables

    For veteran raiders, different consumables are probably nothing new, but if you're fresh to raiding the idea (or the available options) might be foreign. I remember when I first started raiding, which was in another MMO, I didn't use consumables because I didn't know I had the option to. Even as a noob, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to be considerate to my fellow raiders. Then one day, when my raid team was hitting its head against a boss, my best mage friend opened trade with me and gave me a Vial. I read the description and asked him if should use it right then. "Yes, absolutely." And I've stocked up on consumables since.

    I view consumables as a form of customization, like gearing, or runecrafting. Each encounter is different, and by toting around a lot of consumable items I can customize my character for the demands of different bosses. It's infinitely cheaper than swapping out runes each fight and ideal if you don't have different gear sets. To me, finding the perfect combination of food, Vial and trinket so that I'm most effective as a healer, is one of my favorite games inside the game.

    It's important to know that:
    • Potions, Serums and Philters don't share a cooldown.
    • Serums and Vials stack with player buffs
    • Philters DON'T stack with player buffs
    • Assault serums and Fortified Serums don't share a cooldown

    Let's look at the different options we have.


    A potion could be seen as a consumable medicin instantly giving you mana or health, or even giving you a damage shield. Tonics give you an over Time heal or mana.

    Some interesting potions to bring to the raid are:


    Philters are a type of potion which can be thrown, dealing damage to or healing players within a certain area. There is also a philter that gives a 30 seconds buff and other ones that buff people raidwide, but sadly it doesn't stack with players buffs.

    There is currently only one philter that I would see using in raids and that is:

    Heroic Healing Philter


    A Serum is an item that a character can drink that will apply an effect to the imbiber. Serums provide stat improvements. Some Serums count as an assault Serum or a Fortification Serum. Assault Serums generally increase your ability to affect others (+strength, +spell power), and Fortification Serums generally affect your ability to affect yourself (+armor, +mana regen, +int). Assault Serums do not stack with other Assault Serums and Fortification Serums do not stack with other Fortification Serums. This means if you currently have the effect of one Assault Serum, and you consume another Assault Serum, the new effect will replace the old one.

    Vials count as both a Fortification Serum and an Assault Serum, so characters can only have the effect of one Vial at a time, and it prevents them from having other Serum effects. Vials have a duration of 1 hour. Vials are different from potions and Serums in that their effects do not disappear upon death.

    For now, I'm not listing any Serums in the guide, these will be added later, after I did some testing, because most of them aren't very good. You can always type in Serum on to find a list.

    Casters and Healers:

    Heroic Spiritshatter Vial
    Heroic Brightsurge Vial
    Heroic Manasurge Vial


    Heroic Heartshatter Vial
    Heroic Powersurge Vial


    Heroic Endurance Vial
    Heroic Fortified Vial


    Vial of Life Resistance
    Vial of Death Resistance
    Vial of Earth Resistance
    Vial of Fire Resistance
    Vial of Water Resistance
    Vile of Air Resistance


    1) Comparing Heroic Brightsurge Vial with Heroic Spiritshatter Vial and Heroic Manasurge Vial.

    Knowing that Clerics get 25% of Spellpower out of Intel and 75% out of Wisdom,
    1 int = 10 mana
    Knowing that Mages get 50% of Spellpower out if Intel and 50% out of Wisdom:

    Heroic Brightsurge Vial is far better then the other two Vials, because this Vial gives you 40 Spellpower, some crit, 400 mana and some regen. So unless you don't have enough Focus, I would go with this vial.

    2) Comparing Heroic Heartshatter Vial with Heroic Powersurge Vial

    Knowing that Warriors get 75% of Attack Power out of Strength and 25% out of Dex
    Knowing that Rogues get 50% of Attack Power out of Stregth and 50% out of Dex

    Then Heroic Powersurge Vial is by far better then Heroic Heartshatter Vial because it gives 40 Attack Power plus som crit, Block, Dodge and /or Parry depending on your build.


    Each craft seems to have a few enchants to use on a certain piece of gear. They all last for 4 hours and persist through death, but some aren't very cheap to make. Weaponsmiths have melee damage enchants but also a silence that can be put on a bow or gun. Armorsmiths focus mostly on Tank enchants, and Artificing gives casters and healers some love. Outfitters have enchants that can be interesting for all.

    There is also Food that slightly increases either Attack power, spell power or Endurance. These can be bought at the 3 high level quartermasters in Iron pine Peak, Stillmoore and Fortune Shore.


    Excuisite Whetstone
    Massive Weaponstone
    Noise cancelling coating


    Razor-sharp Spikes
    Thick armor plating
    Thick Padding


    Burning manastone
    Burning Witchstone


    Extra Sticky Grips
    Perfomance Insoles Faster running means faster dps AND faster running out of bad stuff.
    Lightweight Riding Chaps Don't think we'll be using these but listed it anyway.


    Gravemaker Steak: Zareph's Return in Stilmoore
    Icewatch Cupcake: Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak
    Drake filet: Wyrmbane Rest in Shimmersand
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    I appreciate all the work you have put into this article. The only two useful vials I have noticed are life and death resist vials for portions of GS and RoS. Any others are entirely not needed, nor worth their weight in gold.

    Otherwise, as a Rogue, I like the Excuisite Whetstones for DPS and the +3 endurance CE runes for extra HPs. I have some other 30min buff foods/phils, but those are just absolutely not needed. I think I have used them in one encounter and found them to be all but entirely useless--money sink ftl.

    Life and death resist and whetstones though. win-win in some situations.

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    Legendary Bottle of Spellstrikes and Legendary Philter of Power will not stack with other buffs for sure?

    I haven't really had a chance to test them because I don't know who makes them yet.

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    Legendary Bottle of Spellstrikes do stack, but the Philters do not, i need to add those bottles to my Guide. =)
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    I'll add that whetstones are amazing for rogue DPS, but they don't work quite like you would expect.

    First off, I gain 40-50 DPS by using an Exquisite Whetstone on my mainhand dagger as a rogue. I also gain 40-50 DPS by using one on my offhand weapon, even though 90% of my DPS comes from attack abilities that use my mainhand weapon. Other rogues have tested and confirmed the same thing. They also increase your ranged weapon damage, even though you would not expect them to.

    So, you want to always be using 2x whetstones for DPS fights, even if you're a ranged DPS.

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