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    necro lock rotation

    so mach skills what to use and what is usless ?

    acenss link ? need it or ater heal is better?

    same about nadar grasp ?

    what is the good rotation ?

    (sory on my english)

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    Ok. I have a Necro/lock/Dom
    I basically only use the dom for pvp CC.
    My rotation is:
    plague boltX2
    Dark touch
    This part becomes convoluted depending on what I am doing and may change by the time I hit 50
    If the mob doesnt hit very hard I will then cast void bolt till its dead
    otherwise I use Soul purge to heal myself and my pet
    Also in this phase I will throw out heals if they are needed by someone in my party so i can use my charge to refill my ow health pool.
    You will also always want to make sure that your DOT's are always on the target to ensure max dps
    Neddras grasp I see as having limited pvp functionality but i can be wrong after all it is a DOT but for more of a lock primary build
    Self buffs should be used when you can output the most dps:
    examples are lich form
    Also depending on the strength of the mob I will sometimes use Looming demise to reduce how hard they can hit.
    That skill also has some pvp functionality.

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    For this I am going to assume you are high 30s to 50s for these skills.

    My single target or AOE pulls don't really change that much. If they are low-health AOE pulls, I typically just do Grave Rot and then channel Devouring Shadows. This pumps out pretty high DPS. It seems to lessen in effectiveness if they have high health, where Grave Rot + speading DOTs to multiple targets seems to be the most effective. I Void Bolt spam when mobs are low health for max DPS.

    In dungeons I am using Skeletal Zealot and currently run a Warlock/Necro/Archon spec.


    Neddra's Torture (EDIT 3% dmg buff... soul calculator I pulled up was tooltip fail)
    Grave Rot (stacks Deathly Calling)
    Looming Demise (buff pet abilities - can't seem to find a tooltip right now to say WHAT it buffs)
    Life Leech
    Dark Touch
    Searing Vitality
    Void Bolt spam if I have my 5 stacks of Pillaging Stone up, if not, Pillaging Stone

    EDIT: Pop Lich Form/Sacrifice Life: Damage/Creeping Graves (or whatever it is called) when up. I macro'd Sac Life: Dmg to Necrosis and Lich Form to Void Bolt just to help them pop. I also put Neddra's Torture/Grave Rot/Looming Demise on the same macro. If you aren't targeting something, the macro will default to Grave Rot, which is very useful.

    Keep the dots up and Neddra's Torture up. When full on charge and have all DOTs ticking I will Soul Purge because it seems to boost DPS over Void Bolt. Void Bolt does refresh my Life Leech, so spamming that will keep one less DOT off my refresh list.
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